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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Yacht Chef 

by Tim Dellea

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What's in the book?

What you will discover in the book and what are the different chapters and topics covered

About the Author

Chef Tim Dellea is the author of The Yacht Chef Guide.

He is a professional chef with over 20 years of international experience.

He has worked and trained to Michelin standards under the best chefs in the world.

Since late 2000, Tim has built a very close relationship with celebrities, multinational CEOs and elite clients as their private chef on board some of the most prestigious private and charter superyachts in the world.


''I loved this book!

After listening to a few chapters, I realized that this guy knows its stuff and have managed to explain not only how to get a job on a yacht but also about the life onboard a yacht. Highly recommended to any chef that wants to work on super yachts.


Crew Chef 75 Meters MotorYacht

“Get this book as soon as you possibly can and put its advises into practice if you want to work as a superyacht chef.”​


Head Chef 87 Meters Charter Sailing Yacht

“This book contains a massive amount of info that cuts through all the BS. 

We as chefs needed this to understand exactly what the job is on a yacht and how you can get one! Tim is a good man, Bravo!”


Head Chef 60 Meters Charter Yacht



The Yacht Chef Guide Audiobook + Free Bonus

All content narrated in English

No need to read, listen anywhere on your own device.

Skip chapters and bookmark as you go.

Free Bonuses downloadable from our Website:

- Yacht Chefs Agency list

- Yacht crew hierarchy explained

- Yacht food supplier sample list

And more exclusive content:

- Free Guest food preference sheet

- Free Yacht Chef Telephone Interview cheat-sheet

- Over 300 ideas for Yacht crew food

The Yacht Chef Guide is the most complete audio guide for Chefs to discover and understand the Super Yacht industry. It includes everything a Chef or a cook, needs to know to break into the luxurious yachting industry and succeed as a Chef on a Yacht.

What is in the book?

  • Is Working on a Yacht Like Working on a Cruise Ship?

  • What Salary can I expect as a Super Yacht chef?

  • How much Experience is required to work on a Yacht?

  • What Certifications do you need To Work on a Yacht?

  • What is it like to Cook on a SuperYacht?

  • What and how to Cook for Yacht Crew?

  • What to Cook for SuperYacht Guests?

  • What Are the Main Challenges of Being a Yacht Chef?

  • What are the perks & benefits of being Yacht crew?

  • And a lot more..

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