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Calm Sea

Chapters Covered in the book

The Yacht Chef guide - How to become a Yacht chef

Sample Chapters from the book

  • Is Working on a Yacht Like Working on a Cruise Ship?

  • Popular Super yachts Travel Destinations

  • What Is a Yachtie?

  • 6 Awesome Benefits of Working as Super Yacht Chef

  • 10 Traits of an Exceptional Yacht Chef

  • What Salary can I expect as a Super Yacht chef?

  • How much Experience is required to work on a Yacht?

  • What Certifications do you need To Work on a Yacht?

  • How to Get Your First Yacht Chef Job In 4 Steps?

  • The Best Time of the Year to find a job on a Yacht?

  • What is it like to Cook on a SuperYacht?

  • Where do Yacht chefs Get Their Fresh Provisions?

  • What and how to Cook for Yacht Crew?

  • 3 Essential Tips for Cooking for Superyacht Guests

  • What to Cook for SuperYacht Guests?

  • What Are the Main Challenges of Being a Yacht Chef?

  • What are the perks & benefits of being Yacht crew?

  • And a lot more...

+ 10 Things Yacht Chefs Wish They Had Known From the Start

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